Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sprained Ankle = Bettered Vision

A long time ago, when I (Chris) was around 10, I remember reading a collection of Chinese fairy tales. One of them presented a story of a farmer who had been battling a splitting headache for weeks. Finally, led by desperation, he cut his toe off with an ax (the book did not explain what his motivation was) with the outcome that the pain resulting from the severed toe clouded over farmer's headache so effectively that it eventually disappeared. After a few days the wound healed and the farmer returned to his activities. Apparently that's how acupuncture was born (I'm glad that axes are not put to use in the offices of those performing such healing practices).
Now, why is there sprained ankle in the subject? Well, because I did sprain it again. It was a year ago and 5 days that I did that the last time, while playing basketball. Now the circumstances were identical and once more, just like 12 months ago, I was unable to commence a new academic year with my students. What is the link with eyesight then? Hmm, the explanation digs into something I am not too proud of. My debilitating condition makes it impossible for me to be an effective helper around the house, which means that my usual chunk of chores and baby sitting suddenly landed on Weronika's back. As she is already overwhelmed by work, it takes little deduction to assume that the new responsibilities might have been ill-timed and kind of last straws. I was glad that Weronika is not a camel and her back did not burst but I could see how stretched she was. Instead of trying to seek peace in God, I started getting upset with myself that I'd sprained the ankle, that I was not able to help my wife, etc. Now that the fuses where planted into the bombs all it took was a spark, and a spark appeared. We left some hot water sitting on the counter-top in the kitchen but had to go to other rooms. Our little, inquisitive daughter sneaked behind our back and we only heard a cry. Weronika rushed into the kitchen and I followed, limping. As you might have guessed by now, Tamara spilled the hot water scalding herself. Weronika insisted that the water was hot but not boiling, but I was fuming that she had left it somewhere within Tamarka's reach. What is worse, we could locate a special cooling and pain-killing spray and Weronika had to put Tammy under running water to cool down her chest. The floor got splattered with water Tammy slipped on it I just lost it... I started shouting, banged my crutches against the floor and on entering the living room tried to hit the couch with my crutch, scaring Esterka and making Weronika take shelter in the kids' room with Esterka and Tamarka to save little ones from witnessing immature behavior. And thus ended the process of sharpening my vision. Suddenly it dawned on me that the whole event could have looked totally different had I behaved more maturely. In essence I asked myself if in that situation I was a person that could be defined as Christian by an objective onlooker. The answer is obvious. The list of the fruit of the holy spirit that is listed in the epistle to Galatians 5: 22-23 was probably an alien concept to my heart and my emotions right there and then. Where did I go wrong? First, I let myself be sucked in by guilt. Secondly, I yielded my heart to irritation that I was not able to be of help to Weronika. Thirdly, I did not spend any time with the Lord in the morning. The broth was ready, the ingredients were added and the whole concoction eventually boiled over. It is amazing how some situations strip you to the truth about your personality and maturity but how they also shed light onto how to fix the problem. That's how a sprained ankle led to a better vision.
PS. Tamarka is OK. The water was not hot enough to actually burn her skin but only reddened it. I do remember about God's grace and accept my own imperfections :) Have a good day everybody.

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  1. First, I am so sorry you sprained your ankle. What has God told you about this unexpected time to sit and heal?
    Every household has moments of...turbulence. Never fun, but most important is how we come together/learn from them. You are a good and loving dad. We love you and pray for a speedy recovery...especially if you are suppose to be dancing at a certain wedding soon! :)